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       Club Membership

  Discover the many benefits of membership in the Fremont Photographic Society by joining us as a guest 

  at any meeting so we can inspire you with wonderful images and constructive critiques.

       Benefits of Membership

  •  Showing and discussing your work with others

  •  Taking photos to create an art form

  •  Having your images critiqued by experts at club meetings

  •  Attending clinics, lectures, and discussions as a learning


  •  Meeting and associating socially with others who have the same


  Membership fees are $35 per year ( plus $5 first time fee when joining), payable at the start of each competition year, which starts in June.

  The Fremont Photographic Society is a member of 

  PSA  (Photographic Society of America) and 

N4C (Northern California Council of Camera Clubs).

       Image Discussions and Competitions

  At our meetings everyone has an opportunity to have images anonymously displayed and critiqued.  Images may be entered digitally or as prints.  

  There are several different categories of competition for prints and digital images. You may participate in any or all of these divisions.

  Winners from our club competitions are submitted to our regional council, N4C, for competitions between member clubs in the greater Bay Area.

       Competition Divisions

  1. Pictorial (Digital only) 
  2. Color Prints 
  3. Monochrome (Digital and Prints) 
  4. Nature (Digital and Prints) 
  5. Creative (Digital and Prints) 
  6. Travel (Digital and prints) 
  7. Journalism (Digital and Prints)


  7:30 p.m. on the 4th Wednesday of the month.  Please see the 

  club calendar 

for the specific dates for each type of competition.

       Meeting Location

  Rear building of the Fremont Community Activities Center (FCAC), 3375 Country Drive, Fremont.

       How to Become a Member

  We suggest you come and visit us at one of our meetings on the fourth Wednesday of a month except in November and December, which is usually the 3rd

  Wednesday. We would be happy to show you what we do. 

  To gain access to the website and become a member, Click on "Login" at the top right corner of the page. Use the section "New User Registration" to 

  create an account. 

  This process submits your request for membership automatically. Once your dues have been processed, your membership will be activated 

  and you will be able to access the member areas of this website.


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